Lowrance Simrad P79 Fishfinder Transducer P79-BL

Price: $114.95
Part # AR-607912

Manufacturer: Airmar
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Lowrance Simrad P79 Fishfinder Transducer P79-BL

The P79 is an in-hull 600W fishfinder transducer. The active element mounts in a small round tank (included) which is epoxied to the hull and filled with non-toxic antifreeze. This transducer is for use with solid fiberglass hulls only. Cored hulls will impede the signal. The P79 cannot measure water temperature.

This '-BL' version of the transducer is for Lowrance equipment with the standard 7-pin blue connector, including all HDS displays. It is also for use with Simrad NSE, NSS and NSO systems.

This item consists of one P79-MM transducer plus one MM-DT-LOW Mix and Match cable.

Product Features

  • In-hull unit with plastic housing
  • Frequency 50/200 kHz
  • Beam cone 45 deg at 50 kHz, 12 deg at 200 kHz
  • Maximum depth range 800-1200 ft at 50 kHz, 400-700 ft at 200kHz
  • RMS power 600W
  • Adjusts to hull deadrise angles of 2 deg to 22 deg
  • Tank should be epoxied to hull
  • Tank should be filled with non-toxic antifreeze (propylene glycol). Do not use mineral oil.
  • Transducer screws into top of tank as shown
  • Can be used in aluminum hulls under 0.38mm thick (0.150")
  • Can be used in RIBs
  • Can be used in sailboats with solid glass hulls


Name: Lowrance Simrad P79 Fishfinder Transducer P79-BL
Mfg Part Number: P79-BL
Ship Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Price: $114.95
Part # AR-607912
Airmar P79 Brochure
Airmar P79 Installation Guide
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