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Airmar B117 Transducers

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The B117 is a 600W through-hull low-profile depth and temperature transducer with a bronze housing, that operates at fixed 50kHz and 200kHz frequencies. It has a non-retractable insert. The B117 is a zero-tilt version of the B60 and is designed for installation only in the flat bottom of a boat. The beam width is 45 degrees at 50 kHz and 12 degrees at 200 kHz. The B117 is ideal for center-console and trailered boats, and has a maximum depth range of 800-1200 ft at 50 kHz and 400-700 ft at 200 kHz.

The P319 transducer is a plastic version of the B117

For tilted versions of the B117 see the B60-12 and B60-20.

The models shown on this page are kits consisting of one B117 base transducer (part B117-MM) with a 2-meter cable attached, plus one connecting 9-meter Mix and Match equipment cable for a specific brand of sounder or fishfinder. Both parts are included with the order. Choose the correct kit for your brand of equipment.

Available Models/Connectors

  • B117-6G : Garmin 6-pin
  • B117-6N : Navman/Northstar 6-pin
  • B117-7 : older JRC, Raytheon, Apelco, Simrad 7-pin
  • B117-8 : older Fuji/Furuno 8-Pin
  • B117-8G : Garmin blue 8-pin
  • B117-8S : Si-Tex 8-pin
  • B117-10F : Furuno 10-pin
  • B117-10N : Northstar 10-pin
  • B117-18HB : Humminbird 18-pin
  • B117-BB : Standard Horizon 8-pin fixed cable*
  • B117-BL : Lowrance/Simrad blue 7-pin
  • B117-FISO : Raymarine instruments with spade connectors
  • B117-HB : Humminbird #9
  • B117-RAY : Raymarine older equipment e.g. DSM300
  • B117-RAYA : Raymarine 6/9-pin current equipment
  • B117-MM : base transducer only with no equipment cable - for installers use

* The -BB version has a fixed 10-meter cable.