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Airmar SS175 Medium Band CHIRP Transducers

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The SS175 Medium band transducers are single-band CHIRP thru-hull low-profile transducers with a stainless steel housing, one broadband ceramic element, and a high-precision temperature sensor. They are available with a 0°, 12° or 20° tilt to compensate for hull deadrise. They operate in the Medium band (85-135kHz) with a beam width of 16-11°.

The SS175s are also available in the High band (130-210kHz) and Low band (40-60kHz).

They are the same size as the conventional B164/SS164. 

These transducers are built and sold as a common base version with a 9-meter attached cable, plus a 1-meter equipment cable for connection to a specific brand of sounder or fishfinder. This gives a total cable length of 10 meters. Both parts are included with your order. The 9-meter attached cable can be run through the boat, and the 1-meter equipment cable then connects to the sounder/fishfinder. This arrangement avoids the need to change the transducer or re-run cable when switching to a different brand of sounder/fishfinder.

For installers only, these transducers are also available without any equipment cable. Click here for a complete list of available equipment cables.

Available Versions/Connectors

  • SS175C-0-M-0 : 0° tilt, bare wire, no connector
  • SS175C-0-M-8G : 0° tilt, Garmin blue 8-pin
  • SS175C-0-M-9N : 0° tilt, Navico xSonic 9-pin
  • SS175C-0-M-11R : 0° tilt, Raymarine 11-pin*
  • SS175C-0-M-12G : 0° tilt, Garmin orange 12-pin
  • SS175C-0-M-14HB : 0° tilt, Humminbird 14-pin
  • SS175C-0-M-BL : 0° tilt, Navico/Lowrance/Simrad blue 7-pin
  • SS175C-0-M-HB : 0° tilt, Humminbird 9-pin
  • SS175C-0-M-MM : 0° tilt, transducer only, no equipment cable, for installers
  • SS175C-12-M-0 : 12° tilt, bare wire, no connector
  • SS175C-12-M-8G : 12° tilt, Garmin blue 8-pin
  • SS175C-12-M-9N : 12° tilt, Navico xSonic 9-pin
  • SS175C-12-M-11R : 12° tilt, Raymarine 11-pin*
  • SS175C-12-M-12G : 12° tilt, Garmin orange 12-pin
  • SS175C-12-M-14HB : 12° tilt, Humminbird 14-pin
  • SS175C-12-M-BL : 12° tilt, Navico/Lowrance/Simrad blue 7-pin
  • SS175C-12-M-HB : 12° tilt, Humminbird 9-pin
  • SS175C-12-M-MM : 12° tilt, transducer only, no equipment cable, for installers
  • SS175C-20-M-0 : 20° tilt, bare wire, no connector
  • SS175C-20-M-8G : 20° tilt, Garmin blue 8-pin
  • SS175C-20-M-9N : 20° tilt, Navico xSonic 9-pin
  • SS175C-20-M-11R : 20° tilt, Raymarine 11-pin*
  • SS175C-20-M-12G : 20° tilt, Garmin orange 12-pin
  • SS175C-20-M-14HB : 20° tilt, Humminbird 14-pin
  • SS175C-20-M-BL : 20° tilt, Navico/Lowrance/Simrad blue 7-pin
  • SS175C-20-M-HB : 20° tilt, Humminbird 9-pin
  • SS175C-20-M-MM : 20° tilt, transducer only, no equipment cable, for installers

* Important Note for Raymarine equipment: when using a single-band transducer such as the SS175 with Raymarine dual-band sounders, an adaptor cable is needed. Cable A80328 is used when connecting one single-band transducer. Cable A102146 is used when connecting a pair of single-band transducers.