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Maretron NMEA 2000 Micro Cables Gray

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These gray waterproof cables (called cordsets by Maretron) can be used as a drop cable or as part of a network backbone. Each cable has one female connector and one male connector. They have excellent internal shielding and nickel-plated brass connectors.

Available Versions

  • CM-CG1-CF-00.5 : 0.5 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-01.0 : 1 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-02.0 : 2 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-03.0 : 3 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-04.0 : 4 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-05.0 : 5 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-06.0 : 6 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-08.0 : 8 meter
  • CM-CG1-CF-10.0 : 10 meter

Micro Cable Specifications

  • 2 x 22AWG power conductors, 18.1 ohms/1000ft, red/black
  • 2 x 22AWG data conductors, white/blue
  • 1 x 22AWG drain wire
  • PVC gray cover
  • Micro connectors rated at 4A max
  • For 12V systems only

Technical Notes

These cables are the size that Maretron calls 'micro'. They are compatible with all NMEA 2000 equipment sold for recreational boats and with NMEA 2000 cable and parts sold by other manufacturers such as Actisense, Furuno, Garmin and Lowrance.

Maretron makes three sizes of cable: micro, mid and mini. Micro cable is the smallest, and mini cable the largest. Micro cable is the size used by almost all recreational boats. Mid cable uses the same size connectors as micro cable, but has larger gauge power conductors in the wire to meet some regulatory requirements. Mid cable will also give a lower power voltage drop along long cable lengths when used as the network backbone or trunk. Mini cable is usually only seen on commercial boats.

Maretron micro and mid cables are for use on smaller boats where the total cable length between any two points on the network does not exceed 100 meters i.e. most recreational boats. They can also be used as drop cable on boats that have a mini trunk cable. All Maretron sensors, displays and transducers have connectors for micro/mid cable. Cable adaptors are needed to connect micro/mid cable to mini cable.