NMEA 2000 HT200 High-Precision Temperature Sensor

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The HT200 High-Precision Temperature Sensor responds quickly and accurately to temperature changes. The bronze button on the sensor's face and the specialised fast response thermistor provide a five-second time constant and 0.01 C accuracy.

The HT200 is available with either a plastic, bronze, or stainless steel housing.

This sensor has a 6m standard NMEA 2000 drop cable attached and will provide accurate temperature readings to an installed N2K network for use by any connected display. It is ideal for commercial and sport-fishing applications as it can help skippers detect thermal boundaries and eddies which attract bait concentrations and game fish.

Available Versions

  • HT200PV-N2 : Plastic housing
  • HT200BV-N2 : Bronze housing
  • HT200SV-N2 : Stainless housing

Product Features

  • NMEA 2000 drop cable attached, 6 meters
  • Powered by the network
  • Range 0-30 deg C (32-86 deg F)