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Conxall CX-109 7/9 Pin Male Connector for Raymarine

This plug is the one used on transducer cables for Raymarine A-Series equipment and the DSM25. It can be used as a replacement on transducers with a missing connector. The connector has to be soldered to the cable.

Raymarine ships their A-Series transducers with two pins removed from this connector in order to make it compatible with the 7-pin socket on the equipment. You will need to remove these unused pins from the CX109, by pulling them out of the rear of the plug with needle-nose pliers.

If you have a transducer that is made as a Mix and Match version (ie a short 2m cable attached to the transducer plus a longer 8m brand-specific cable) then the best way to convert the transducer to a different brand of electronics is to change the brand-specific Mix and Match cable.

If you have an older transducer with a fixed 10m cable you should not use this connector to convert it for use with Raymarine but instead use one of our Airmar adapter cables.

If you are trying to repair a transducer cable that uses this connector but do not wish to have to solder the connector in place, consider buying an accessory cable with this connector on one end, cutting the cable, discarding the unwanted end, and splicing the cables together using the Airmar-approved junction box.

Transducers using this connector have a part number ending in '-RAYA' in our listings.

A wiring diagram for this connector is available on the Wiring Diagrams page.